Saturday, May 5, 2007

Salut! Hola! Mushi mushi! Hello!

Hello to all the guys back at the club! Wish you were here! How are things in Alexandria?

I have started a blog to keep you up to date with my adventures. I am currently heading for Barcelona to meet up with an old pal. The crew are very efficient and I will certainly hire these young fellows again. As the great man says, 'No time is lost watching men who know their business'.

I am at the minute on the poop with a good blanc in my hand; 1887, of course! The sun is baking me and I am in need of a good shower :). I may go below with some DVD disks I picked up in the Tunis bazaar. Aunt Pelagia had doubts as to whether they would work with my DVD player; it says 'multi-region' on the card-board container, so I am hoping they will.

Tunis was fantastic, as always. I am so glad Aunt Pelagia is happy there. After the death of her husband, Jorge (you will remember him from our Easter meet, 1993), she seemed so maudlin. Things are working out very well now, though. I have taken to calling her 'The Merry Widow', and she just laughs and laughs! There was one unfortunate incident which occurred between Demas and Esidor over a local young person, but that's all over with now and we're making good time for Barcelona. I have never been there, might one of you fellows send me the address of some friendlies and some other addresses? I am looking forward to a new adventure with my good friends and with good wine!

How are things back at the club? Did Cecil recover? And how is Andrew's pup? I hope you are living it up as I am. It is such a thing to be alive in these times. As another great man put it: 'All is permitted'. It is so hot! I am sweating with profusion! Time for a shower :).

Enjoy, boys!

From the High Seas,
- Captain Arturo


Anonymous said...

Lol, what a fucking freak.

Anonymous said...

Eeeew... Nasty geezer.

Shannon Marie said...

Perhaps these two posters should learn some manners. If you don't like what someone posts in their blog then you should simply close their page and go elsewhere.

Arturo Globenfeldt said...

Indeed, there is nothing worse in this world than bad manners.

Thank you, Shannon :)

Starrlight said...

Got to love anonymous comments.

Anonymous said...

They say that Arturo has a very small manhood...

Anonymous said...

i've heard he has his scrotum shorn daily by a young albino fellow from madras.

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