Thursday, May 10, 2007

F#@*ing Freak?

Someone left an unpleasant comment about my last entry. Some people are very funny when it comes to strangers from abroad! I will leave this little comment up, I think, as a little fetish/memento of my online persona. As a very great man once said: 'It is all good.'

Now, of Barcelona. Friends, it is a city of lights and sweet delicacies. We drank great champagne in a club called 'Cazadores', a very modern place. Thank you for that suggestion, Cecil, and glad to hear you are recovered from your back injury!

I have decided to travel across Iberia in a rented Audi and meet up with La Machisma in Lisbon (Portugal). I trust the crew not to run her aground in the Gibraltar Straits.

The people are very appealing here, visually. Everyone is tanned and full of Latin zest. All the men wear sandals.

I will write again from Lisbon. Paulo, the young man driving us, is growing impatient! He also wears sandals!

How are adventures back at the Alexandria Club? Hola,
- Cpt. Arturo


Bacchus said...

Hello my good friend Arturo! I am so sorry I couldn't come with you on this trip. Maybe next time hah? The club is going well. Movie treat was a treat this week. Raoul let us dip into his archives. Please post more photographs. Are you sure this Paolo is altogether trustworthy? Is he not a "pirata"? Lol. Bring back some souvenirs. Warm love, friend!

Anonymous said...

mjog ahugavert, takk