Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A sinking off New Orleans

Oh, oh, oh! Bad news. La Machisma was grounded off New Orleans this week, perhaps you have seen her on the local news or in NOLA magazine? My hideous head can be seen in some photos, blubbing like a little Lord Fauntleroy over his lost marbles. Ah, but what harm? No lives lost and my collection of DVDs was rescued by the very fine young men of the coast guard. Great to be back in the blogosphere after my maritime sabbatical. I visit New Orleans proper today. I have always loved the city in books and television and will give what I can to this city that rests (in its soul) on the Med. Friends tell me NO is nothing like the rest of America and that there's a quiet rumbling for independence. Wow! I'll write again soon, my cherished. Alfonz, how are things at the club? Did Matthew get his thingie back?