Thursday, July 5, 2007

To all who have expressed interest in my travels

I must say thank you very much for reading!

We are just now heading west off Lisbon. I purshased a good karaoke machine for the trip and am looking forward to singing my little heart out at twilight supper. When you are as lazy as I am, life at sea can become quite dreary. As the crew tend to various equipment, I sometimes find myself bored, and it is around these times that Captain Hendrick (he is the actual captain) finds some mild work for me to do. One must always keep busy and get involved. This is the key, I feel. To appreciate what you have, you must know what preparations and work goes into making your life good.
I am, naturally, a little bit tipsy and getting sentimental. I hear Esidor fiddling with the karaoke machine, the young turk!

Must run, and keep reading! :)

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